Wednesday, 30 December 2009

"You know what you did wong and Christmas... Christmas is cancelled this year." Thats not true. IT'S CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009 2
Well, it's Christmas time.
So. I have played the Sims3 to exhaustion this Christmas. Well, not to exhaustion as I know I will never tire of it, but I have played with two Young Adults who are now on their way out, their friends dropping like flies.
I am telling you this to show how productive I have been this week. Yes, not very, unless you count getting your 'Virtuoso' Sim to the top of the musical career. Which I think is very productive, but that's not really the issue: I haven't done a jot of work. I spent a long time tidying my room and changing my stuff pile back into what it was originally (a desk) and organising books and realising I had left lots of important things at school like the genius I am. But I haven't actually done anything.
Maybe that's what the Christmas break should be about, but I've had dreams already of going into school with nothing done and getting a bollocking.

So, needless to say, Santa was good. Well, my brother Luke, who got me the Sims. I mostly got dresses and bracelets, nothing too big or fancy. Which I was happy with. I got the only present I asked for : Cluedo, and was excessively excited about that! But it is fun. Next time anyone is around my house, expect to be made find out "whodunit"*.

I have nothing interesting to say, as usual. I really love Christmas, and winter in general. I know the roads have been really bad, but hasn't it been just lovely? The cold air, the dark evenings, the snow! Also, lights and trees and biscuits... And dressing up! Going out! Even though I haven't really been out that much, or enough. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, which is interesting. I'm spending the day collecting money in the bitter cold and recession and am convinced we won't get anything. And I don't know really how my night will be spent, any ideas? Preferably free ones.

Hamlet starring David Tennant on St. Stephen's Day on BBC was the best thing I ever saw**. Watch it if you can.

Well, I'm off. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

*Oh, ho, I am so witty.
**Yeah, please don't call me on my hyperbole every single time I use it. It should be the tagline on this blog, and perhaps on my face as well. I am sick of people correcting me when I exaggerate.
Ooh. I shouldn't get so mean. I will make a joke.
I mean, just because people have given out to me a million times about it doesn't mean I'm gonig to stop!
That was bad.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

"I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes..." Revival.

Saturday, 7 November 2009 1
What better a time to resurrect the blog than I time where I (should) have virtually no time to do anything other than study?

I don't have much to say.

Saw Up last night. If you haven't seen it you've probably heard from everyone you know that has and read in every review how bloody wonderful it is and you might be sick of hearing about it. Nevertheless, you MUST go and see it! Oh my God, what an incredible film. So, maybe I was just in emotional mood that day (I was) but about ten minutes in tears were streaming down my face and if I hadn't stopped every few minutes to laugh hysterically at the hugely funny scenes in this film, I would've cried solidly until the end. A large group of us went to see it and as it turned it, after the lights came on and the credits faded (we always stay until the very end), a few of the other girls were all blotchy and whimpering, too. I couldn't believe it was only us that had been moved to tears!
For those of you who haven't seen the ads (not as though the ads give you any idea of what it's like), Up is the story of an old man named Carl, living on his own in a changing world, who decides it's time to take to the skies: he attaches a thousand helium balloons to the chimney of his house and laughs as he floats up and away. However, Carl gets some surprise at the young and terrified Boy Scout trapped on his porch, who he ends up stuck with. The pair become tangled up in one massive airborne adventure on which they encounter some hilarious creatures, including a "talking" dog and a huge, colourful bird named Kevin.
I don't know if I feel like really reviewing it fully (besides, I'd end up giving loads away), but let's just say it is unmissable. Like I said, it is incredibly funny, so sweet and perfect for anyone of any age. If you've got (or ever had): grandparents, a spouse, a child, or a heart this film will affect you. You might even cry your eyes out if you're anything like me*

I'm going to be late for me us, better run. Oh, and I got nothing done on my History project. Of course.


*an emotional wreck, if you were wondering.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

"But my smile still stays on..." What could this be about?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009 1
Oh, yes, it's the annual Stagewise round-up. Only, for some reason I don't feel like writing all about it. Possibly because it was my third, best, and last year and I may just break down into tears. Not really joking. I loved it all so much, even the bits like singing and dancing, which I am bad at! I volunteered in acting class, finally. I did whatever I could, including the Jive (which we got right at last, and just in time!). I got a nosebleed - that was annoying. I was a curly-haired kelptomaniac, a psychopathic schoolteacher and an Australian-loving runaway with a lesbian best friend. I represented how to be sensual, slippery, how to brush one's teeth erotically and how to be Russian Ivy (there's vodka invovled, I wouldn't get into the specifics). I was picked as a volunteer to just 'walk into the space'. There were visual aids. Our final show was an emotional roller coaster for the audience and the cast, and the finale song (Show Must Go On) is on YouTube, although I don't really see you going off and watching it.
Let's just leave it at: I had the best week ever, and I wish it didn't have to end, but it did.
Also, I'm going off to the Gaeltacht on Sunday. Should be good. Haven't packed a single thing and there is so much I still need to get.

Harry Potter's coming out on Wednesday. I wonder how much they will destroy the book this time.

Oh, and I most insane night ever last night, out and around galway city. That was madness. I'll be vague, and go. Camping tonight!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

"....Tógfaidh an grian slán mé?" ...Gaeilge, y'know. Just for the craic.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009 2
So I was on the radio* last night, banging on about the Gaeltacht. Embarrassing myself left, right and centre no doubt. It was kinda fun though. I got a call in the middle of the day from the researcher, asking me if I would go on as they were doing a kind of special based on what to bring to the Gaeltacht. Just because I had texted in the night before. So, it's easier than one would think, getting on the air. And it wasn't like I sort of phoned them up out of the blue, demanding to be allowed to speak (which I was sort of planning on doing), they chose me! Somehow.
We couldn't get over how big a deal people thought it was, though. I got about ten texts in two mintues go "Oh my God....!!!" or "You said 'hi' to meee on the radio!" even though it was fairly unspectacular. In fact, and unsurprisingly, I would have gone on for much longer. I would have gone forever, about anything. I've heard I'm hard to shut up. At least, I think that's what people are saying, I never really let them finish!

Anyways, it's Bonfire Night apparently. I am slightly ashamed to say I am still in my pyjamas, as I spent the morning and up-to-now of the afternoon reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Incidentally, a great way to get me to finally read a book is to make a film of it. I cannot stand seeing the film if I haven't read the book. It doesn't sit well with me, not being able to complain about how much they have changed everything. From the ads** I thought it would be very soppy and sweet and heart-rending, but it's quite dark. And I've cried about fifty times; I am such a girl.
To sum up, I've been wasting my day and have no plans for tonight. Any good bonfires happening?

My camera cable is still lost, but I am now accepting donations. Please, buy me a new one!

Just realised I haven't eaten yet. It's twenty to four. This is not good.
Another pointless post! Ciao.

*It was only iRadio before you get too excited. On iTalk which I listen to every night, practically.
**see! It's happening already. Damn you, Hollywood.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

"Give us a wink and make me think of you..." ...Work?

Sunday, 21 June 2009 5
So, I never thought it would happen, but I had my first (and most likely, only) bit of work for the summer last weekend.
It was rather fun, doing footfall reports* and interviewing tourists for the Chamber of Commerce. There was a Shopping Weekend on in Westport, which basically means all the shops put on loads of deals, but most of them weren't great. 'Spend over €50 and get a free wristband with two coupons'-kinda thing. But, anyways, I got to annoy pretty much every visitor into our beautiful, boring town with surveys! Amongst other errands. The entire three days got me thinking : work is fun!** But really, I don't think I'm likely to get anything else. If you've got a job for someone who's going to be gone for another month of our rapidly disappearing summer, please throw it this way.
But the interviews! They were... terrifying. When the French people shouted at me in French saying they didn't understand English, that made me sad! Especially as I met my french teacher ten minutes later who was appalled I didn't immediately turn on (what she must think is) my amazing fluency of the French language. I must say now that it doesn't exist. Confronted by actual French teenagers (the adults who would speak to me understood me very well) the only translating I managed to do was "Ehh, like, les loisirs...?" and "Les poubelles!". However, she didn't seem to accept that they don't want to hear your pitiful attempt at their language. Unless you are, like her, a fluent French speaker.
Although, it was mostly fear, too. And severe discomfort at being hopeless at something that they were all very good at. (Well, obviously, it's their native language.)
Where am I going with this? Oh, yes, friends of mine discovered that my little temporary job was an excellent way of meeting young American tourists. Namely boys, and namely gorgeous ones. I felt incredibly bad for them in their shorts and t-shirts: it poured much of Saturday. So they ran up to me when they had spotted some lads from the USA, armed themselves with my surveys and turned on the charm. This technique only worked twice, as they came up with it very late in the day, but it was pretty nice while it lasted. There was something very polite and almost wide-eyed about them, everything about Ireland seems to amaze them! It was so sweet. The girls in question had also met some groups of Americans the night before out about the town, and had become rather obsessed! It was decided that "we put the 'us' in USA!" would be the pick-up line from then on. It was a pretty weird weekend.

Can't really be bothered to write much more. How pointless.

*Standing on the street for an hour (at two key points of the day) with a clicker (remember the Lynx ad campaign?) going every time someone passed me. The kind of stuff I have no problem with doing all day long.
**It had dawned on me since that work isn't actually delivering orange balloons to every business in Westport for three hours, really it has. I wish it were. (Subjunctive?) Give me some mindless filing or more interviews to do, and I would do that for the summer. I think. I have a very short attention span though, I'd probably just...

Monday, 1 June 2009

"If you can't make your mind up, we'll never get started." ...Summer!

Monday, 1 June 2009 6
So, it's summer and my ear is itchy.
Those two things aren't necessarily linked... But if they are it will totally ruin my day. 

So, another friend started a blog. I'm officially 'tipping' it to be good. Bookie's favourite. Or whatever. I'm not a bookie, so I don't know where I got the right to officially tip things. Anyways, Eoin's in America while writing so there'll be actual stuff of interest in it. AMOTTC is what it is. Go there. 

Now, back to summer. Wow, it is such gorgeous weather. And it's only the end of May. Oh, no, it's actually the first of June. But seriously, this is brilliant. Even though we don't know how long it will last, it's pretty nice while it's here. You should all follow my lead and kit yourself out in revealing shorts and mum's sunglasses (which are from the actual 80s which is cool, but are also incredibly scratched, hindering sight, which isn't AS cool). 
   It's strange. I thought I was going to collapse with nirvana when Fifth Year ended. Now I wouldn't be getting up before eight every morning, then coming home and crying with tiredness. Not to mention the guilt and stress that is often linked with dodging as much work as possible. Alternatively, but far less regularly, we've also got the exhaustion from staying up all night doing an essay or studying for a test. But, like I said, not a very regular occurrence. 
   However, the very day after our last day of school for a whole three months, I found myself wandering around our house thinking, "What the hell do I do now?!". This is the girl who devoted time to complaining about school, about work, about Fifth Year. I ended up alphabetising books, decorating folders, writing stuff for our films, sorting out all my notes, and now writing a blog which I sorely neglected for pretty much the entire year. 

 I'm institutionalised! 

I've become fixated on coming up with little projects, and on Thursday just kept thinking about what we would have been doing and how I much I missed it. 
There's something wrong with me, right? 

I think I'm slowly ironing it out, and I know in about two weeks I won't care about anything anymore. Which, obviously, isn't great. I'm going to read about a thousand books, I'm already decided on that. 
I was halfway through The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien, which was indeed brilliant, but I lost it! I put it down on the grass in the Crescent, then either forgot to put it back into my bag or someone else put it in theirs. Either way, I don't have it anymore. And that makes me sad. Also, it wasn't even mine, my mother borrowed it from one of her friends ages ago. 

It's back to Great Expectations, that stupid tome, which cleverly succeeded in pretending to be a lot shorter that it so clearly is. Because I had been reading it for about five months, and got about three chapters in. And I am not a slow reader. But I keep going back to it, and reading about one page a week. I think the people who read some of it every week in a magazine or whatever don't know how well they had it. 

I was supposed to put pictures on the computer but I think I have also lost the cable which connects the camera to it. 

Films-wise, our production company, GASP, have a couple of projects at the moment. Having recently gotten to the finals of Fresh Film with the film 'An Awkward Moment', we're planning on moving on to bigger and better things. Or, at least, possibly winning something, one of these days. So, we've got a script in from an outside source, which we will put into action pretty soon. On top of that, just for our own fun, we're editing the film 'Niamh's Super Sweet Eighteenth', a parody of the hit MTV show, but full of our own weirdness and inside jokes which we love, but isn't exactly going to win an Oscar. 
We also recently came first in our school (again) for the Google SketchUp 'Town of Tomorrow' competition. You can probably find us lurking about the internet. 
Basically, we're deadly. 

this is a silly picture of me and saoirse whilst 
filming ' an awkward moment' in her house.
i have loads but this is the only one with people
i'm allowed to have pictures of. officially. 
once again, something officialised by me.

We went to the beach yesterday, it was lovely. I was 'body boarding'. This is a kid who up until a two or three years ago would not go into the sea. And would cry if made to. Now I'm all "WHOOOOOO THE SEA!". Except, it was so cold. I was crying and whining like a dog. Which made my friend take off his rash vest and give it to me, I'm so horrible. However, the water is so cold it numbs you from the cold. It's a 'vicious circle'! 
We took a load of ridiculous pictures, but like I've mentioned, camera y computer = no communicado. 

The final thing I have to say is to do with drama. I recently auditioned for a play, and got a part! Oh, yes! It's called 'Multiplex'' by Christopher William Hill (yeah, no-one's heard of it...). My character's called Whizz. Whereas there aren't technically any main characters, the play is way more focused on three or four of the boys so you could definitely say they are. And the girls aren't as important. Nevertheless, mine is one of the more important girls, so that's cool! I get to be all slutty. Which, of course, is fun. And it's a lot of fun, because it's mostly people from my drama group that are in it. It's a brilliantly hilarious play, with tonnes of swearing which we all, of course, love, but most of it is being cut. It's going to be on in the Linenhall in November (I know, ages away), but you better come. 

This summer is going to be fun. 

I'm back obsessed with Regina Spektor.  Top buzzin' tunes. 

Sorry that was so boring. 


Thursday, 30 April 2009

...And another thing.

Thursday, 30 April 2009 0
I'm terrible. 

But check this out. 

We're trying to get a thousand views on this video, for no real reason. It was taken at our friend's party, and it's our friends' band (they're actually really good, you just can't really make it out in this...).  
They're called the Russian Delingquents (yes, that 'g' is "meant" to be there!) and that's enough plugging (and mindless blogging) for a while!

"Monsters are evil and they do things for their own satisfaction."

Not much today.

That will be all for today. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"We were just two jerks playing with matches, 'cause that's all they knew how to play.." ...Hello! (Mostly about Twilight vs. Harry Potter. )

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 247
Saoirse says hello.
It's computers again. Aha. I bet you didn't think the posts would be coming this quickly, did you?! Even though my entire readership is sitting right beside me!

She just said "Ey!". I think this is a futile and pointless task, as it's too early in the day for me to be thinking or to be forming sentences the right way. If that makes sense. Yesterday morning my History teacher shouted at me for saying 'sort of'. Which was weird.

We're reading about the "Twi-Hards" and the Anti-Twilight 'wars'. Apparently those annoying freaky Twilight fan-girls have started attacking people - literally, attacking them - in their defence of the series. Allegedly, someone had acid thrown in their face for telling a "Twi-Hard" (as they are calling themselves) that he didn't care about Twilight. Although, who knows how true all this is? However, it's hilarious, as the people who are so vocal in their hatred of the books/films/Edward Cullen are AS funny as the people who are obsessed.
This seems to be a website dedicated to hate of Twilight, which is quite funny. Although we've read people seriously suggest Stephanie Meyer uses the books to brainwash us with Mormon ideals, which may be taking it too far!
One of many people who is literally unable to think of anything better than Twilight. (Oh, and quite rightly, dear).
Normality. I've heard people say otherwise.

Moving on...
I have nothing else to say, really.
Something to do with clothes!
Britain's Next Top Model and The Model Agent (ie: Ireland's Next Top Model) are running at around the same time. But whatever. Let the bitching begin.
Oh, and the modelling, I guess!

We're looking at
It's freaky and hilarious.

Most pointless post EVAHH!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

"I remember golden days when all this was a mystery..." ...Told you.

Thursday, 23 April 2009 3
I told you I would post in computers class! Right now we're looking at pictures of Jeremy Paxman ("He'd give you a good seeing to," reckons our friend, Niamh) as a young man.

And for some reason it's not letting me put up any pictures. Saoirse beside me is looking at dresses on net-a-porter.

Soo, I don't really think this is the most ideal situation for a blog. Seeing as I have no ideas and keep looking at the lovely dresses Saoirse's sighing over. I will post some of them. These are all Christopher Kane, she tells me!

I love this one - it's soo cool:
They're all really nice anyways. Oh the bell's gone, what a total waste of time! :)

"I've got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies.." Not a post!

Hey, it's late and, as the title may suggest, this isn't actually a post. Not in my terms. I know I haven't written in a while and when I do it's sporadically at best, so ... Sorry? This blog is so off-putting. Imagine, I have to write it! 
 Anyways, trying to get back into it. Just even some sort of regular, short posting thing. With maybe something of interest to someone besides me, and maybe a couple of pictures. You may notice I now have a banner, although it looked nice when it wasn't up and now I hate it. Haha. What can you do?*

 Here are some pictures from Saoirse's "kerazy themed!" 17th last weekend, where she was dressed as a bride and Shane painted everyone's faces. I was in this red dress I bought off eBay, but a full length picture of me in it, I have yet to find. So - alas. But enjoy these, I - possibly - couldn't have found stranger ones.

I am enjoying a chocolate bar, still savouring every waking now-it's-no-longer-Lent minute.

 I'm sure there is plenty I could say that would be of interest, such as some things about new clothes I've gotten recently (not much) or music I'm liking (ukulele stuff. Still learning!)... Or what book I'm reading (Mystery Man by [Colin] Bateman). 
But, as I've said, it's late. So I won't. 

Know that the blog will be up and running soon. With regular posts coming straight from Thursday's computer class. That's a promise.**

Grace, out.

*not actually a question. I wondered for a few minutes what punctuation to use, and also whether or not to use spaces, even, because people generally say it as one word. A sigh. "Well, whatcanyado." 
** Because you so care.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

"I'll cut her from ear to ear..." Oh, dear.

Sunday, 8 February 2009 1
I have become appalling and impossibly bad at the internet. And it's not that I'm annoyed at myself for not keeping up with shambles of a blog (honestly, why any reads it is really, really beyond me) but for not keeping up with the other blogs I read. Which are actually, you know, interesting and good.

hmm. Either I can just sort of start again or forget all about it. The latter sounds so appealling. But you know, it occurred to me that I have a few things to talk about. Mostly books or films. Or songs. Mundane enough things like that.

If you have a chance, and tonight is the last night, check out 'Hello, Dolly!' in Louisburg. My brother's in the school over there and even though he doesn't have a part, his friends do and they're brilliant. And of course, as he keeps reminding me, the set is also great. So that's one thing.

Another, read 'Q & A' - I finally got around to reading it even though my mother has been telling me to for about a year or more! And then it was only after watching the movie version, Slumdog Millionaire which you may have heard of due to its smash-hit success. Which it deserves - it's so great.

I lost the cable for connecting my camera to the computer.

Okay, so I'm going to go as this was a waste of time. But I seem to be excellent at wasting time!

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