Sunday, 8 February 2009

"I'll cut her from ear to ear..." Oh, dear.

Sunday, 8 February 2009
I have become appalling and impossibly bad at the internet. And it's not that I'm annoyed at myself for not keeping up with shambles of a blog (honestly, why any reads it is really, really beyond me) but for not keeping up with the other blogs I read. Which are actually, you know, interesting and good.

hmm. Either I can just sort of start again or forget all about it. The latter sounds so appealling. But you know, it occurred to me that I have a few things to talk about. Mostly books or films. Or songs. Mundane enough things like that.

If you have a chance, and tonight is the last night, check out 'Hello, Dolly!' in Louisburg. My brother's in the school over there and even though he doesn't have a part, his friends do and they're brilliant. And of course, as he keeps reminding me, the set is also great. So that's one thing.

Another, read 'Q & A' - I finally got around to reading it even though my mother has been telling me to for about a year or more! And then it was only after watching the movie version, Slumdog Millionaire which you may have heard of due to its smash-hit success. Which it deserves - it's so great.

I lost the cable for connecting my camera to the computer.

Okay, so I'm going to go as this was a waste of time. But I seem to be excellent at wasting time!


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swall said...

I enjoy reading your blog even if you're not saying much.
It's like a little snippet of a conversation we could have!

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