Thursday, 30 April 2009

...And another thing.

Thursday, 30 April 2009 0
I'm terrible. 

But check this out. 

We're trying to get a thousand views on this video, for no real reason. It was taken at our friend's party, and it's our friends' band (they're actually really good, you just can't really make it out in this...).  
They're called the Russian Delingquents (yes, that 'g' is "meant" to be there!) and that's enough plugging (and mindless blogging) for a while!

"Monsters are evil and they do things for their own satisfaction."

Not much today.

That will be all for today. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"We were just two jerks playing with matches, 'cause that's all they knew how to play.." ...Hello! (Mostly about Twilight vs. Harry Potter. )

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 247
Saoirse says hello.
It's computers again. Aha. I bet you didn't think the posts would be coming this quickly, did you?! Even though my entire readership is sitting right beside me!

She just said "Ey!". I think this is a futile and pointless task, as it's too early in the day for me to be thinking or to be forming sentences the right way. If that makes sense. Yesterday morning my History teacher shouted at me for saying 'sort of'. Which was weird.

We're reading about the "Twi-Hards" and the Anti-Twilight 'wars'. Apparently those annoying freaky Twilight fan-girls have started attacking people - literally, attacking them - in their defence of the series. Allegedly, someone had acid thrown in their face for telling a "Twi-Hard" (as they are calling themselves) that he didn't care about Twilight. Although, who knows how true all this is? However, it's hilarious, as the people who are so vocal in their hatred of the books/films/Edward Cullen are AS funny as the people who are obsessed.
This seems to be a website dedicated to hate of Twilight, which is quite funny. Although we've read people seriously suggest Stephanie Meyer uses the books to brainwash us with Mormon ideals, which may be taking it too far!
One of many people who is literally unable to think of anything better than Twilight. (Oh, and quite rightly, dear).
Normality. I've heard people say otherwise.

Moving on...
I have nothing else to say, really.
Something to do with clothes!
Britain's Next Top Model and The Model Agent (ie: Ireland's Next Top Model) are running at around the same time. But whatever. Let the bitching begin.
Oh, and the modelling, I guess!

We're looking at
It's freaky and hilarious.

Most pointless post EVAHH!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

"I remember golden days when all this was a mystery..." ...Told you.

Thursday, 23 April 2009 3
I told you I would post in computers class! Right now we're looking at pictures of Jeremy Paxman ("He'd give you a good seeing to," reckons our friend, Niamh) as a young man.

And for some reason it's not letting me put up any pictures. Saoirse beside me is looking at dresses on net-a-porter.

Soo, I don't really think this is the most ideal situation for a blog. Seeing as I have no ideas and keep looking at the lovely dresses Saoirse's sighing over. I will post some of them. These are all Christopher Kane, she tells me!

I love this one - it's soo cool:
They're all really nice anyways. Oh the bell's gone, what a total waste of time! :)

"I've got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies.." Not a post!

Hey, it's late and, as the title may suggest, this isn't actually a post. Not in my terms. I know I haven't written in a while and when I do it's sporadically at best, so ... Sorry? This blog is so off-putting. Imagine, I have to write it! 
 Anyways, trying to get back into it. Just even some sort of regular, short posting thing. With maybe something of interest to someone besides me, and maybe a couple of pictures. You may notice I now have a banner, although it looked nice when it wasn't up and now I hate it. Haha. What can you do?*

 Here are some pictures from Saoirse's "kerazy themed!" 17th last weekend, where she was dressed as a bride and Shane painted everyone's faces. I was in this red dress I bought off eBay, but a full length picture of me in it, I have yet to find. So - alas. But enjoy these, I - possibly - couldn't have found stranger ones.

I am enjoying a chocolate bar, still savouring every waking now-it's-no-longer-Lent minute.

 I'm sure there is plenty I could say that would be of interest, such as some things about new clothes I've gotten recently (not much) or music I'm liking (ukulele stuff. Still learning!)... Or what book I'm reading (Mystery Man by [Colin] Bateman). 
But, as I've said, it's late. So I won't. 

Know that the blog will be up and running soon. With regular posts coming straight from Thursday's computer class. That's a promise.**

Grace, out.

*not actually a question. I wondered for a few minutes what punctuation to use, and also whether or not to use spaces, even, because people generally say it as one word. A sigh. "Well, whatcanyado." 
** Because you so care.
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