Thursday, 23 April 2009

"I remember golden days when all this was a mystery..." ...Told you.

Thursday, 23 April 2009
I told you I would post in computers class! Right now we're looking at pictures of Jeremy Paxman ("He'd give you a good seeing to," reckons our friend, Niamh) as a young man.

And for some reason it's not letting me put up any pictures. Saoirse beside me is looking at dresses on net-a-porter.

Soo, I don't really think this is the most ideal situation for a blog. Seeing as I have no ideas and keep looking at the lovely dresses Saoirse's sighing over. I will post some of them. These are all Christopher Kane, she tells me!

I love this one - it's soo cool:
They're all really nice anyways. Oh the bell's gone, what a total waste of time! :)

3 comments. you can do better.:

swall said...

aah, why didn't you reply to my magnificent letter, Christopher?

Fiendish said...

Ah, Kane. You warm the cockles of my heart. I love his circly dresses, but that gorilla. Oh boy.

Grace said...

I feel so posh and classy, posting designer things.

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