Sunday, 21 June 2009

"Give us a wink and make me think of you..." ...Work?

Sunday, 21 June 2009
So, I never thought it would happen, but I had my first (and most likely, only) bit of work for the summer last weekend.
It was rather fun, doing footfall reports* and interviewing tourists for the Chamber of Commerce. There was a Shopping Weekend on in Westport, which basically means all the shops put on loads of deals, but most of them weren't great. 'Spend over €50 and get a free wristband with two coupons'-kinda thing. But, anyways, I got to annoy pretty much every visitor into our beautiful, boring town with surveys! Amongst other errands. The entire three days got me thinking : work is fun!** But really, I don't think I'm likely to get anything else. If you've got a job for someone who's going to be gone for another month of our rapidly disappearing summer, please throw it this way.
But the interviews! They were... terrifying. When the French people shouted at me in French saying they didn't understand English, that made me sad! Especially as I met my french teacher ten minutes later who was appalled I didn't immediately turn on (what she must think is) my amazing fluency of the French language. I must say now that it doesn't exist. Confronted by actual French teenagers (the adults who would speak to me understood me very well) the only translating I managed to do was "Ehh, like, les loisirs...?" and "Les poubelles!". However, she didn't seem to accept that they don't want to hear your pitiful attempt at their language. Unless you are, like her, a fluent French speaker.
Although, it was mostly fear, too. And severe discomfort at being hopeless at something that they were all very good at. (Well, obviously, it's their native language.)
Where am I going with this? Oh, yes, friends of mine discovered that my little temporary job was an excellent way of meeting young American tourists. Namely boys, and namely gorgeous ones. I felt incredibly bad for them in their shorts and t-shirts: it poured much of Saturday. So they ran up to me when they had spotted some lads from the USA, armed themselves with my surveys and turned on the charm. This technique only worked twice, as they came up with it very late in the day, but it was pretty nice while it lasted. There was something very polite and almost wide-eyed about them, everything about Ireland seems to amaze them! It was so sweet. The girls in question had also met some groups of Americans the night before out about the town, and had become rather obsessed! It was decided that "we put the 'us' in USA!" would be the pick-up line from then on. It was a pretty weird weekend.

Can't really be bothered to write much more. How pointless.

*Standing on the street for an hour (at two key points of the day) with a clicker (remember the Lynx ad campaign?) going every time someone passed me. The kind of stuff I have no problem with doing all day long.
**It had dawned on me since that work isn't actually delivering orange balloons to every business in Westport for three hours, really it has. I wish it were. (Subjunctive?) Give me some mindless filing or more interviews to do, and I would do that for the summer. I think. I have a very short attention span though, I'd probably just...

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Fiendish said...

You completely lost me at the bit about hot American boys. Where can I -- who are these -- why is it --


I want to put the "us" in "USA"! Frequently and with pleasure, in fact.

Fiendish said...

Oh, also, I'm having a very fun time knowing what songs you take all your blog titles from. It's the best.

Grace said...

Well, I feel like that, too.
I mean when I asked them "What would you rate the litter situation in Westport out of 10?" I could hardly just jump on that one with the lovely blue eyes there and then, could I?!

Or... Maybe I could...?

I am a coward.

Oh, glad you're enjoying that. Perhaps I will devise some kind of a competition, whereby people have to guess them? But that would lead to me trying to find incredibly obscure ones and it would become my life... The blog would disintegrate...

No, I'm sorry, Fiendish. You're wrong. It just couldn't work.

swall said...

Subjunctive :)
I'm jealous of you even having the chance to speak to the lovely Americans, who I never even got to see.

Grace said...


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