Monday, 1 June 2009

"If you can't make your mind up, we'll never get started." ...Summer!

Monday, 1 June 2009
So, it's summer and my ear is itchy.
Those two things aren't necessarily linked... But if they are it will totally ruin my day. 

So, another friend started a blog. I'm officially 'tipping' it to be good. Bookie's favourite. Or whatever. I'm not a bookie, so I don't know where I got the right to officially tip things. Anyways, Eoin's in America while writing so there'll be actual stuff of interest in it. AMOTTC is what it is. Go there. 

Now, back to summer. Wow, it is such gorgeous weather. And it's only the end of May. Oh, no, it's actually the first of June. But seriously, this is brilliant. Even though we don't know how long it will last, it's pretty nice while it's here. You should all follow my lead and kit yourself out in revealing shorts and mum's sunglasses (which are from the actual 80s which is cool, but are also incredibly scratched, hindering sight, which isn't AS cool). 
   It's strange. I thought I was going to collapse with nirvana when Fifth Year ended. Now I wouldn't be getting up before eight every morning, then coming home and crying with tiredness. Not to mention the guilt and stress that is often linked with dodging as much work as possible. Alternatively, but far less regularly, we've also got the exhaustion from staying up all night doing an essay or studying for a test. But, like I said, not a very regular occurrence. 
   However, the very day after our last day of school for a whole three months, I found myself wandering around our house thinking, "What the hell do I do now?!". This is the girl who devoted time to complaining about school, about work, about Fifth Year. I ended up alphabetising books, decorating folders, writing stuff for our films, sorting out all my notes, and now writing a blog which I sorely neglected for pretty much the entire year. 

 I'm institutionalised! 

I've become fixated on coming up with little projects, and on Thursday just kept thinking about what we would have been doing and how I much I missed it. 
There's something wrong with me, right? 

I think I'm slowly ironing it out, and I know in about two weeks I won't care about anything anymore. Which, obviously, isn't great. I'm going to read about a thousand books, I'm already decided on that. 
I was halfway through The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien, which was indeed brilliant, but I lost it! I put it down on the grass in the Crescent, then either forgot to put it back into my bag or someone else put it in theirs. Either way, I don't have it anymore. And that makes me sad. Also, it wasn't even mine, my mother borrowed it from one of her friends ages ago. 

It's back to Great Expectations, that stupid tome, which cleverly succeeded in pretending to be a lot shorter that it so clearly is. Because I had been reading it for about five months, and got about three chapters in. And I am not a slow reader. But I keep going back to it, and reading about one page a week. I think the people who read some of it every week in a magazine or whatever don't know how well they had it. 

I was supposed to put pictures on the computer but I think I have also lost the cable which connects the camera to it. 

Films-wise, our production company, GASP, have a couple of projects at the moment. Having recently gotten to the finals of Fresh Film with the film 'An Awkward Moment', we're planning on moving on to bigger and better things. Or, at least, possibly winning something, one of these days. So, we've got a script in from an outside source, which we will put into action pretty soon. On top of that, just for our own fun, we're editing the film 'Niamh's Super Sweet Eighteenth', a parody of the hit MTV show, but full of our own weirdness and inside jokes which we love, but isn't exactly going to win an Oscar. 
We also recently came first in our school (again) for the Google SketchUp 'Town of Tomorrow' competition. You can probably find us lurking about the internet. 
Basically, we're deadly. 

this is a silly picture of me and saoirse whilst 
filming ' an awkward moment' in her house.
i have loads but this is the only one with people
i'm allowed to have pictures of. officially. 
once again, something officialised by me.

We went to the beach yesterday, it was lovely. I was 'body boarding'. This is a kid who up until a two or three years ago would not go into the sea. And would cry if made to. Now I'm all "WHOOOOOO THE SEA!". Except, it was so cold. I was crying and whining like a dog. Which made my friend take off his rash vest and give it to me, I'm so horrible. However, the water is so cold it numbs you from the cold. It's a 'vicious circle'! 
We took a load of ridiculous pictures, but like I've mentioned, camera y computer = no communicado. 

The final thing I have to say is to do with drama. I recently auditioned for a play, and got a part! Oh, yes! It's called 'Multiplex'' by Christopher William Hill (yeah, no-one's heard of it...). My character's called Whizz. Whereas there aren't technically any main characters, the play is way more focused on three or four of the boys so you could definitely say they are. And the girls aren't as important. Nevertheless, mine is one of the more important girls, so that's cool! I get to be all slutty. Which, of course, is fun. And it's a lot of fun, because it's mostly people from my drama group that are in it. It's a brilliantly hilarious play, with tonnes of swearing which we all, of course, love, but most of it is being cut. It's going to be on in the Linenhall in November (I know, ages away), but you better come. 

This summer is going to be fun. 

I'm back obsessed with Regina Spektor.  Top buzzin' tunes. 

Sorry that was so boring. 


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Anonymous said...

Quite the writer aren't you? Keep it up you have potential

swall said...

Grace, did you post an anonymous comment?
I hate that photo, but apart from that, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed reading! And I know how you feel :)
I think I'll go blog now about you and Eoin's blog.

Grace said...

Of course not! That would be so weird. Besides, I thought they were being sarcastic or whatever!
What must you think of me.

Fiendish said...

Grace, own up. Anonymous is you. It's okay, we've all done it. Except me obviously because I really am that great.

I didn't know you guys made films, and while your blog post was whimsically amusing on the subject I didn't really glean much actual information about the goings-on. What is this "An Awkward Moment" of which you speak?

Also, now that it's nearly nearly post-Leaving-Cert summer, are we ever going to do that photo shoot we briefly discussed? I only mention it on the blog because we could probably blog the results. That's a lie, I mention it here because I'm here now and I'm too lazy to open a Facebook tab. xx

Grace said...

I think Anonymous thought they were on Sally's blog.
Or else I did it in my sleep. Not unlikely.

No, wait. I would have used more punctuation than one question mark. For example: commas and a full stop. Or maybe even an exclamation point if I was really feeling my excellence.
Or maybe I was double-bluffing, predicting that my awake self would point that fact out.
I am so sly.

Yeah, I never explain anything, do I? "An Awkward Moment" was this very short film we made for that competition, the Fresh Film Festival Young Filmmakers' Awards 2009 (or something like that). It was just our friend Kayla and our friend Seán about to kiss at party, but being stopped by their friend Chris. It wasn't very original as that happens every day, but it got the the finals, somehow!
That's basically it. We should be doing so much more but never have time, and rarely bother.

And we should definitely do that. While we can!

Anonymous said...

Flesh,bones,skin,heart,brain...dont ask me how it works....secret worlds buried somewhere under the surface........

Making endless connections with the disconnected.

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