Tuesday, 23 June 2009

"....Tógfaidh an grian slán mé?" ...Gaeilge, y'know. Just for the craic.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009
So I was on the radio* last night, banging on about the Gaeltacht. Embarrassing myself left, right and centre no doubt. It was kinda fun though. I got a call in the middle of the day from the researcher, asking me if I would go on as they were doing a kind of special based on what to bring to the Gaeltacht. Just because I had texted in the night before. So, it's easier than one would think, getting on the air. And it wasn't like I sort of phoned them up out of the blue, demanding to be allowed to speak (which I was sort of planning on doing), they chose me! Somehow.
We couldn't get over how big a deal people thought it was, though. I got about ten texts in two mintues go "Oh my God....!!!" or "You said 'hi' to meee on the radio!" even though it was fairly unspectacular. In fact, and unsurprisingly, I would have gone on for much longer. I would have gone forever, about anything. I've heard I'm hard to shut up. At least, I think that's what people are saying, I never really let them finish!

Anyways, it's Bonfire Night apparently. I am slightly ashamed to say I am still in my pyjamas, as I spent the morning and up-to-now of the afternoon reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Incidentally, a great way to get me to finally read a book is to make a film of it. I cannot stand seeing the film if I haven't read the book. It doesn't sit well with me, not being able to complain about how much they have changed everything. From the ads** I thought it would be very soppy and sweet and heart-rending, but it's quite dark. And I've cried about fifty times; I am such a girl.
To sum up, I've been wasting my day and have no plans for tonight. Any good bonfires happening?

My camera cable is still lost, but I am now accepting donations. Please, buy me a new one!

Just realised I haven't eaten yet. It's twenty to four. This is not good.
Another pointless post! Ciao.

*It was only iRadio before you get too excited. On iTalk which I listen to every night, practically.
**see! It's happening already. Damn you, Hollywood.

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swall said...

I think the rain did a pretty good job of quenching not only the bonfires, but the fun too.
I'm sad I didn't do anything bonfirey, though. I kinda fancy myslef as a bit of a pagan, so I really should have been out somewhere leaping over fires in the nude.
OH! We should so celebrate Lughnasa this year.

Grace said...

Yeah, let's go Dancing at Lughnasa! whooo.

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