Tuesday, 14 July 2009

"But my smile still stays on..." What could this be about?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Oh, yes, it's the annual Stagewise round-up. Only, for some reason I don't feel like writing all about it. Possibly because it was my third, best, and last year and I may just break down into tears. Not really joking. I loved it all so much, even the bits like singing and dancing, which I am bad at! I volunteered in acting class, finally. I did whatever I could, including the Jive (which we got right at last, and just in time!). I got a nosebleed - that was annoying. I was a curly-haired kelptomaniac, a psychopathic schoolteacher and an Australian-loving runaway with a lesbian best friend. I represented how to be sensual, slippery, how to brush one's teeth erotically and how to be Russian Ivy (there's vodka invovled, I wouldn't get into the specifics). I was picked as a volunteer to just 'walk into the space'. There were visual aids. Our final show was an emotional roller coaster for the audience and the cast, and the finale song (Show Must Go On) is on YouTube, although I don't really see you going off and watching it.
Let's just leave it at: I had the best week ever, and I wish it didn't have to end, but it did.
Also, I'm going off to the Gaeltacht on Sunday. Should be good. Haven't packed a single thing and there is so much I still need to get.

Harry Potter's coming out on Wednesday. I wonder how much they will destroy the book this time.

Oh, and I most insane night ever last night, out and around galway city. That was madness. I'll be vague, and go. Camping tonight!

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swall said...

i read this really late!
sounds fun fun fun.

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