Wednesday, 30 December 2009

"You know what you did wong and Christmas... Christmas is cancelled this year." Thats not true. IT'S CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Well, it's Christmas time.
So. I have played the Sims3 to exhaustion this Christmas. Well, not to exhaustion as I know I will never tire of it, but I have played with two Young Adults who are now on their way out, their friends dropping like flies.
I am telling you this to show how productive I have been this week. Yes, not very, unless you count getting your 'Virtuoso' Sim to the top of the musical career. Which I think is very productive, but that's not really the issue: I haven't done a jot of work. I spent a long time tidying my room and changing my stuff pile back into what it was originally (a desk) and organising books and realising I had left lots of important things at school like the genius I am. But I haven't actually done anything.
Maybe that's what the Christmas break should be about, but I've had dreams already of going into school with nothing done and getting a bollocking.

So, needless to say, Santa was good. Well, my brother Luke, who got me the Sims. I mostly got dresses and bracelets, nothing too big or fancy. Which I was happy with. I got the only present I asked for : Cluedo, and was excessively excited about that! But it is fun. Next time anyone is around my house, expect to be made find out "whodunit"*.

I have nothing interesting to say, as usual. I really love Christmas, and winter in general. I know the roads have been really bad, but hasn't it been just lovely? The cold air, the dark evenings, the snow! Also, lights and trees and biscuits... And dressing up! Going out! Even though I haven't really been out that much, or enough. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, which is interesting. I'm spending the day collecting money in the bitter cold and recession and am convinced we won't get anything. And I don't know really how my night will be spent, any ideas? Preferably free ones.

Hamlet starring David Tennant on St. Stephen's Day on BBC was the best thing I ever saw**. Watch it if you can.

Well, I'm off. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

*Oh, ho, I am so witty.
**Yeah, please don't call me on my hyperbole every single time I use it. It should be the tagline on this blog, and perhaps on my face as well. I am sick of people correcting me when I exaggerate.
Ooh. I shouldn't get so mean. I will make a joke.
I mean, just because people have given out to me a million times about it doesn't mean I'm gonig to stop!
That was bad.

2 comments. you can do better.:

swall said...

I've done nothing, apart from shade in an already shaded picture for my portfolio.

Megan said...

I have been living on my computer since I got it so you're not alone. My sister took over 300 pictures on Christmas day and out of the 50 odd pictures I'm in there are only 2 that I'm not on the laptop in!! It has been distracting me so much from doing work...... I have nothing done either!!

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