Friday, 15 January 2010

"I should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas."

Friday, 15 January 2010
Hello, again!

it's Friday already, can you believe it? I have no plans, but, to be honest, there's no point making them as I told my parents I wasn't going out again until Lady Gaga.
Did I mention I was going to see her in February? Yes! It's very exciting. I know that people are very divided on Lady Gaga, but I love her. I love her music and I do think that, nut job as she is, she's pretty awesome. I think it's going to be a great gig. Feel free to argue, but this (I decided to pick a song with a video that you mightn't have heard on iRadio every two hours) makes me feel kind of summery!

So, that's that. I'm not going out. Until the 21st of February. After that, I'll go mad and then I'll start again. That's the plan, anyways. And because I'm not going out I've decided this week will be for organising. My books need rearranging: I think alphabetically might make me feel slightly better.
I used to love re-organising my CDs.

(not like this, but that would be cool).

But then, I kind of... stopped buying CDs. I still do, but not with the same frequency (honestly, they're so dear I end up only buying them HMV sales and downloading everything else), and once they're uploaded onto iTunes I never really look at them again. Sad but true. I used to buy a CD, stick it on my CD player and sit down with the lyrics book and listen to it about fifty times. Things sink in that way.
Then you get sick of it and get a new one! A simpler time. Then again, my music library is constantly expanding and my iPod is one of my favourite things in the world, and music hasn't changed in any way just because CDs are pretty much a thing of the past.* Like I said in my last post, nostalgia is misleading.

I've been reading! This is good news. I feel as though I hadn't had time to read at all for a while there. But I've been determined to keep buying new books and it's working well. I bough Vikas Swarup's second book AGES ago and only got around to reading it recently.

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You may remember him as the author of Q&A, which you may remember as the book which inspired the film Slumdog Millionaire. Which you really should remember.
So, anyways, Six Suspects was brilliant! If you liked Q&A (seriously, read that book) you will definitely like this. It's set in India, too, and deals with so many of the same themes. My first thought was that it was like a book version of Cluedo, set in India! However, it's so much more intricate than Cluedo, as you would hope from a novel.
Vicky Rai, an important A-list business mogul and shady character is shot and killed at his own party. Among the hundreds of guests - including known criminals, politicians and Bollywood stars - six are found carrying guns and immediately become suspects. These are our six characters and a very mixed bunch indeed. However, the novel does not chronicle the police investigation or anything like it. Instead, it goes back and shows us, chapter-by-chapter, their background stories, told from several different points of view. We are introduced to loads of different and colourful characters along the way and brought on this crazy journey all around the high society and shady underbelly of India, all the while trying to work out exactly who shot Mr. Burns. I mean, Rai.
Just like Q&A, it was brilliantly written and, once I got into, it I was totally hooked and had to just read and read - my homework going by the wayside - until I finished it. It was totally different, and had none of the clich├ęs you might expect from a murder mystery. Except, of course, a kerazy twist.

And now I've been re-reading Lewis Carroll. Namely, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I go to read one of his other stories and I chicken out! But, honestly, Through the Looking Glass is one of my favourite books of all time. And I don't say that lightly. Okay, I do, but this time I mean it. It will be... interesting to see what Tim Burton does with my -precious - story. I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but, from what I've read and heard, this is going to be incredibly different.
But different's good, too. I sort of took on somebody today who said that Johnny Depp plays the same character in every film. It's not true! Or if it is... it's not this fault! He's an incredibly actor. It has to be said.

Saoirse and I noticed that over the Christmas our number of tweets (on Twitter) practically doubled. Not good.
Speaking of, she's got a new song. I think it's super cool. Makes me wanna go into a dark room with just weird flashing lights and my hair all long and walk up to a camera with a fisheye lens, if you get me?

Haven't got much more to say, just thought I'd try and keep up with posting on this. I have loads more to say, I just can't think of it. Sometimes I'll hear something and go, "oh I'll put that on the blog", but then I never remember it after. But, I don't know, perhaps I should make this slightly more visual. Ah, whatever. Oh, I just remembered a video I want to find and put up there^.

I remember another thing but I think I'll wait for next time.

Laters... on. x
*Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm speaking generally. Maybe you still do things the proper way.

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SWALL said...

You shouldn't have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silents, because you are pretty much awesome as you are!
LOVE that poem though. He's my favourite poet on the course fer shurr.
I also love that video, I adore everything they wear in it (though Gaga manages to make it look tacky, comme d'habitude). I like the song too, it reminds me of something summery from the 90s.

I imagine that I would enjoy the Vikas Swarup book very much, I'll have to steal it off you sometime! I have such a big "things I want to read" list at the moment. I'm also reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but as Gaeilge! I must re-read them in English too. We have love big hardback copies that make me feel like I'm from the olden days.
OH, and thanks for the song mention. I think it made some people on Soundcloud cum. Comments: "Yeah, that hits the spot!", "YES!", "Ouch! This is just fantastic! Love it!"


Megan said...

I feel like you're in my head!!

I love Lady Gaga, I think she's amazing. I'm currently writing about her in my blog, but I started it when we started back at school so I'm only writing a little then getting back to it later.

I have reorganised my CDs about 3 times already this year. I'm weird that I haven't properly got into downloading, I only download novelty songs like I did the last night with My Hands are Bananas and I'm on a Boat. I still buy CDs and leave them on repeat on my CD player for about a week at a time!!

I am reading about 3 books at the moment and enjoying them all, but again school is preventing me finishing any of them!! On top of that I'm rereading my comparative books and trying to reread King Lear but it just doesn't make sense to me!! :P I will finish them eventually. I do want to read Q&A though!! I just don't have the time with that exam thingy, oh ya the Leaving Cert. I will look it up during the summer some time though!! Slumdog Millionaire is one of my favourite movies, it's absolutely fantastic!!

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