Wednesday, 13 January 2010

"I'm not proud that nothing must seem easy about me" ... Very quick.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Okay, so this is just very brief. I'm thinking of when I was younger and every post I would do would be so cryptic. And - oh my God - myspace blogs! I used to use my myspace blog to be all cryptic and say things about my "feelings" that no-one would understand.


I just tried to sign into myspace, but I must have deleted it, because it won't let me. On any of my email addresses. Oh, I just remembered one more that I have.

Didn't work.

So, anyways, I just wanted to say I think I'm going to fail my Leaving Cert because I'm a really bad student; if you meet my first-year self, don't tell her, because it would break her heart. I was such a good little kid back then. Even when I did my Junior Cert, I didn't work very hard but I worked. My parents didn't resent me, then, either.

But I don't believe in getting too nostalgic about things. You get this rosy view, which just isn't representative of how you felt at the time. I would hate to be twelve again. I didn't really enjoy it then! I know that much. Now I've got awesome friends - and I'm taller! - and I'm growing up and it's good. It's just not that fun right now. This second.

Another thing: I think I'm going to stop having my blog posts fed to my Facebook notes. It unnerves me.

I keep getting stressed or worried about things I can't control like Haiti or global warming, but I think life would be easier if I turned into those school people. People who only care about school and points, homework and past papers, essays and... I don't know. Sample answers.


So, everyone reading: hope you both enjoyed the extended holiday! I did, can't complain about that. I can, on the other hand, complain about myself. You guys can do that, too: complain about me. It's kind of fun.

I just found this picture:

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It's helpful for me, too, not just Father Dougal!

So, anyways, bye!

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swall said...

You're totally not going to fail your leaving cert. Also I don't want to complain about you because it would eat into valuable complaining about me time.

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