Friday, 16 April 2010

"I came to rock at this party, 'cos I can make you feel alright..." Bye, Bebo! And Hello, Yellow Brick Road.

Friday, 16 April 2010 7
See what I did? Wow.

I totally forgot to say anything about the Dorothys, aka:
Over the Rainbow, the BBC search for a Dorothy for the West End's Wizard of Oz. Well, it's a programme I've been watching and enjoying and if you have been, too, I sincerely recommend this blog. Where was I before Over the Rainbitch? I will be as glued to their scathing take-downs of the contestants (and Andrew Lloyd Webber. And Graham Norton) as I am to the show. Love it.

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My dear friend, Megan, of the delightful blog Girls Were Made For Dresses, recently posted a sweet homage to Bebo, the social networking site that is apparently closing forever. It made me go through my 'blog' section of my bebo, now covered in theortectical and virtual dust, which I somehow used simultaneously with another blog and a myspace blog (and then, this). I'm clearly strange.
The most amusing finds I will now repost:
Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:
grace hates exam stress!
(Ahahaa. I'm sure one day I will remember what that feels like).
No comment.

where grace lives. I passed a man at a shelter the other day. He was tall and lanky and sunburned, dressed in cut-offs and a soaked blue t-shirt...
We wrote a chat-up line: "You're the Junior Cert, you're easy.
I'm the Leaving cert ... I'm hard!"

AHAHAHAH. Isn't it excellent? Took ages.

Okay, last one. You can't make the following shit up:
My cat is such a tool.

We're minding a budgie, right? And he's REALLY REALLY scared of it.

Rather than hiss at it and try and eat it, every time Theo walks past the bird cage, he lowers his body down on the ground and runs as fast as he can away from the room, all the while looking up at me and miaowing urgently. Like "Miaow! Miaow! *runs* " type of thing.

It's funny to watch. He's such a pussy, if you'll excuse the pun.

Oh god.
He's only gone and killed it.
Don't you dare laugh. Okay. Don't you dare.

Okay, that's all for today. I promise I wil become more interesting, starting now...



Thursday, 15 April 2010

"If you kiss somebody then both of you get practice." I said I would...

Thursday, 15 April 2010 3
...Blog every day. I already forgot that resolve and was about to go to bed. Silly me.

My parents bought me a replacement straightener today in Boots for €14.99. It seems very good. And I'm beginning to think that this whole straightener thing is all a conspiracy. I mean, it's no GHD but my hair is straight now. I can't complain.

I have a good French idiom for that but I have forgotten it.

I am incredibly nervous about tomorrow. My exam, that is. Not just the day that is Friday, which is normally a cause for celebration.

Okay, songs I'm listening to at the moment?
You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby - The Smiths
I Want You - Elvis Costello
Let's Go Surfing - The Drums
and that really annoying but really catchy emo-y Irish song they're playing every morning on Colm and Jim-Jim. "Shouldn't let yourself get so drunk..." That one. Luke would kill me if I downloaded it but I can't stop singing it.

Those are a few pictures* of Lady Gaga and her oily back-up dancers at the O2 in Dublin. I took LOADS and then my camera broke. I fell spectacularly running for a bus to Dun Laoighre. Not cool.
Oh, speaking of, I won't have a camera until... well, until someone buys me one, I suppose. It's so sad.

Tomorrow I'm booking my flight to Berlin for this summer. Has anyone actually been there like, ever? No-one seems to know much about what we'll do!

Bye. xxx

*Sorry they came out so small.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"Since when were you so generous and inarticulate?" ... Shane got a new blog. Other things happened, too.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 2
It's called Obsessive Behaviour and you can read it here.

It's very good and he's very cool. You should probably read it now, as chances are he will update it more frequently and with more interesting posts than I could ever provide. I'll add it to the blogroll.

In other news, Saoirse, of the blogs swall and swequence, got into Central St. Martin's, London, to study art next year. AHHH! It's very good news. It's nigh* impossible to get a place there, but she has managed because she is awesome.
As you would know, if you'd ever seen her blogs, her work or her.

Bigging up my mates today, it seems.

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I saw Kick-Ass in the cinema last weekend. I am not going to review it as my OTHER friend (oh, yeah, another new blog here) and Shane have already written excellent reviews (here and here) on their blogs for the film. And to be honest, there is nothing I could say about it that they already haven't: it rocks! I noticed, however, that both chaps neglected to mention the sheer beauty of the film's star, Aaron Johnson.

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I didn't realise I was allowed to think he was beautiful until I came out of the cinema and the other girls were also gushing about him. Apparently he was in the Angus, Thongs... movie. I didn't see it. I'm sure I am the last to discover this hottie. I always am. You all probably know his fiancée, Sam Taylor Wood, director of Nowhere Boy in which he also starred, is nearly forty-five. And pregant with his child. (Ew. I know age is just a number, but... still...)
However, another slight difference between our experiences of this film would probably be that my male friends did NOT (seemingly) spend half of the film gagging, whimpering, hyperventilating and hiding their eyes. The amount of violence and horrific murders and shootings and stabbings and samurai swords... Hold me. You know when they say "This is not for the faint-hearted..."? They are talking about me. Kick-Ass is so gory. I will say now that it is disgusting in a genuinely funny way, and when I wasn't trying not to vomit, I was choking with laughter. Go and see it, would ya?

I also went to another ball. I wore a green dress that someone gave me last year and tried to get used to my new haircut. Oh, yes; I got a haircut. It's a lot shorter.

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This is my friend, Aoife, and me with my new short hair. And Gary's hand. Can't see the dress at all, which is a shame.

I wonder is there anything that I can talk about which is interesting? As far as music goes, I've been pretty much solidly listening to musical soundtracks (Little Shop of Horrors, West Side Story, Chicago, Wicked, Company...) and Elvis Costello. It totally works. I should get new things, though: read new books, rather than old ones from the library, and listen to new CDs rather than download old ones. Because then when someone says "Oh, do you like Pies and Pants, that new NME band?" I won't know what to say because I am Behind The Times.
The newest album I've got is 'Sigh No More' by Mumford & Sons. I've heard people saying they are a bad version of Fleet Foxes (whom I truly love) and I've heard people singing madly along to their singles at the ball (see above, green dress; keep up), and I've heard their lead singer saying that he doesn't really care about albums, he's all about live gigs. With that in mind, I've been enjoying it. I'll admit now that I haven't given it a good proper I-promise-to-only-focus-on-you-new-album-and-nothing-else listen, and so some of it sounded same-y to me. However, I love Marcus Mumford's country-ish growl. Is it wrong that they remind me of the Saw Doctors? It's cool. I'm in the mood for a barn dance. Favourite song so far: Dustbowl Dance. That's good, so it is.

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Wow, no wonder Q Magazine have never responded to my many job applications.

I am also very excited Glee is back on tonight. Yes, I watch Glee. Chances are I am not going to get any work done for my French oral exam (this Friday; part of the real Leaving Cert; hideously unprepared). It feels like a Friday and looks like summer.
It is, in a way. It's student summer. First bit of warmth and everyone's got their jumpers off - the TY students have gone so far as to tie their blouses up in that music video way. The bin outside Centra was full of nothing but ice-cream wrappers yesterday. It's cute how excited we get when the temperature goes over 13 degrees.
Of course, for us, it's about enjoying nice weather while we can, before it becomes our tormentor. Exams weather. It waits to get really beautiful until you're stuck in a sweltering classroom for two weeks, then it stops before you even reach the beach. Sad.

As always, if you just can't get enough of me**, follow me on twitter. I don't use it enough, only in very erratic bursts whereby I clog up everyone's feed so all they can see is me, but it's the reason I don't use this ever. It's made everything micro and now it's like, why would I want to exceed 140 characters?

CLOTHES. Haven't bought any in ages.

I went as Lady Gaga to a fancy dress competition our No Name Club had. Nobody knew who I was, even though I had Coke cans and everything. Oh well.

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now that I see it I see it looked quite bad. But there was a dress and fishnets and stuff and... oh, never mind.

I really like that woman. Did I mention anything about her concert? I don't even remember. I talked about it in this post, but after having seen it I never brought it up again. C'était formidable. I've got pictures.

I'll be back. I have so many ideas and things to say. Playlists I want to talk about. And books. Oh, and photos from the Lady Gaga concert, if you aren't friends with me on Facebook. Which you are.

*I just wanted to say 'nigh'.
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